Kairos Team

Kairos has a strong team of talented individuals, with rich experience in high standard software product delivery. The team brings in a zeal and innovation through diversity, making Kairos future ready.
Even our Marketing team has a strong participation in innovation and essentially even brings client needs to the R&D innovation level. With a highly confident and motivated team, Kairos considers itself strongly positioned for growth.

SWATI SHARMA (Chief Technology Officer)

Swati has a hands on experience in IEEE software coding & testing Standard and carries the confidence of successful mission critical product development. An ‘out of box’ thinker, who is focussed towards solutioning, Swati makes innovation a breeze. She is a perfectionist by nature, a trait which ensures customer’s requirements are always met in the product being delivered.

NAINA DEWAN (Marketing Advisor)

Our marketing Head with a Mathematics major, Naina brings in all together a new approach. Client interaction usually means innovation with first meeting itself, and she translates requirements upto level of R&D implementation. Herself participating in the internal software design reviews, Naina keeps client updated as a Project Manager too. Naina has a high tilt towards spirituality, and believes in customer alignment to their needs.

BHAVISHA BUDDHADEO (Green skills partner)

Bhavisha, Founder of and is a Gurgaon base Social Entrepreneur. Kairos and Rootskills has partnered for running EduVR - a VR based education initiative to give an immersive learning opportunity to children.
She works tirelessly for green energy, enviornment conservation, for empowering women and educating children.