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Our Collaboration Partners

Arcstone Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Arcstone is a market trendsetter in Industry 4.0 Solution in the SE Asia region. They help you gain insight into your manufacturing processes and the ability to monitor, maintain and control production with real-time data.

M/s AayurTech Pvt Ltd. (India)

An integrated systems and solutions Group exists for Electro Mechanical Packaging :- Electronics Display systems, Rugged pc, Panel PC and Command Control Systems.

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Industry 4.0 – Humanising the Perspective

It has arrived, Not to rule the world but to serve it better

Our Products

Powered by machine learning, our products boast of our in depth expertise of Artificial Intelligence coupled with the on ground knowledge of problems that need solving.

1. Industry 4.0

We provide solutions for Manufacturing, Services and Education/Training...

2. C4I Solutions

We provide consultancy in the C4I solutions and Data Fusion work...

3. VirtualClass360 - Explore.Dream.Discover.

With our EduVR technology, come onboard a thrilling adventure of immersive learning...

Our Services

Tailor made algorithms, coded to bring transformational impact for your business.

Industry 4.0

Our MES solution is designed specifically to give SME manufacturers a head start on manufacturing digitization by streamlining...

C4I Solutions(MPMSDF)

MPMSDF (Multiplatform Multi-sensor Data Fusion) Our team can ensure provision of a MPMSDF engine tailor made to the needs...

Machine Learning & Analytics

Machine Learning & Analytics makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks...

VR/AR/MR Technology

Kairos makes it possible to provide economical immersive learning in educational technology through...


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