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Indian Navy’s P-8I Maritime Aircraft potent hunters to get deadly Harpoon Missiles

With the integration of these air launched anti-ship missiles, the P-8I shall be able to engage and destroy .........

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Chaffs and flares: Passive countermeasures to thwart missile attacks

Since its development a decade back, Kavach system has undergone upgrades and latest version Kavach MOD II is in service. .........

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A giant leap! Boost to private participation in space programme

Over the last five decades, ISRO has launched over a hundred space missions to advance its Space technology. .........

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China’s growing Dominance in Space: Can India Risk Staying Behind

China tested an anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon in 2007 and in January 2019, Chinese lunar rover was successfully placed on the dark side of the Moon,.........

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Indian Navy to enhance Submarine Patrol in Indian Ocean Region with deep submergence rescue vessels

Denial of access to unauthorised vessels inside India’s Offshore Development Area is a major challenge,.........

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P8I Maritime Patrol Aircraft: A game-changer for Indian Navy

P-8I is able to launch submarine detection sonobuoys, active or passive versions as per the mission requirements..........

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